Anfachen Award 2022 – Two topics, double the power!

A political poster competition cannot ignore the war against Ukraine and the humanitarian catastrophe it entails. At the same time, we don't want to make the mistake of losing sight of other important issues. That is why the Anfachen Award calls on you to double your efforts and express yourselves artistically and creatively on two topics.

1st topic: Nature – as announced, since it stays close to our hearts
2nd topic: Humanity – this is the new topic

A maximum of two posters may be submitted for each of the topics; 25 winning posters will be selected by our international jury for each of the two topics.

The exhibition concept of the Anfachen Award remains unchanged: We will present the winning posters in large format and in series, first in Hamburg and then in public spaces in other cities.

The topic Humanity will also be presented online and the print data will be made available for download. In this way, we hope to initiate small exhibitions and a unifying exchange on the topic of humanity across the world!

Deadline: 22 May 2022
Topic 1) Nature
Topic 2) Humanity


Anfachen VI, too, is about the basics. This time we want to see how you perceive, interpret and artistically render the idea of NATURE!


You are free to choose from which personal, political, aesthetic or formal angle you want to approach the subject of "democracy". We accept photographic, painted, graphic and typographic works. With your participation you accept the following conditions.


The 25 best posters will be selected by an international jury and will first be displayed in Hamburg. They will confront the public in busy streets and highly frequented squares, become a subject of discussion and reflection, and thus encourage a broad and sustained debate on the topic.


Starting in May 2021, the selected posters will first dominate Hamburg's cityscape for four weeks and then go on tour. In this way they will be seen in other German cities and also cause a stir internationally. Therefore, if language plays a role in the design, a German and an English version must be submitted.


22th of May 2022: Submission deadline
June 2022 : Jury meeting
from July 2022: Opening of the poster exhibition in the streets of Hamburg
August 2022: Posters can be displayed worldwide


Participants will be charged a fee of 12 Euros per poster or 30 Euros for three/four posters for printing the posters in DIN A2 for presentation to the jury. Should this fee constitute an obstacle, please contact us via
Please transfer the money to this bank account:
Anfachen Award / Julia Melzner, IBAN DE80 2005 0550 1501 3783 66, BIC HASPDEHH,
Haspa Hamburg or via Paypal, please have a look on the Website.


© artwork:


Registration is done using the appropriate tool on the Anfachen Award website (


Ingrid Bahß (GER), Anthony Collins (GB/TZA), Alina Grolms (GER), Rainer Groothuis (GER), Gudrun Lehman (GER), Niklaus Troxler (CH)
patron: Klaus Staeck (GER)




A maximum of three posters can be submitted. The posters are to be in DIN A0 / 841 mm x 1189 mm format. We only accept designs in portrait format. If a poster is selected as one of the top 25, the printable data will be requested separately. It is essential to name the files as follows: AnfachenVI_surname_draft number; e.g: AnfachenVI_Mustermann_1.


In 2016 the Anfachen Award started with "Women", in the second year it was dedicated to the topic "Tolerance". Anfachen Award III was dedicated to the topic "Living" and Anfachen Award IV to the topic "Water". With hundreds of international submissions, a top-class jury and the unique presentation in the German and international public space, the poster competition not only inspires the participants, but above all the urban public. From the very beginning, the broad media response also helped the award to attract greater attention to socio-politically explosive topics.


The entrant making the submission, hereinafter referred to as the designer, declares with the submission of all materials that s/he/they is/are entitled to dispose of the submitted materials according to the following:

  • A) the designer declares his/her consent to worldwide and perpetual unrestricted publication of the motifs in print and electronic media, as well as the representation herein described in the context of exhibitions in public space as well as in galleries and museums.
  • B) the designer transfers the simple right of use to reproduce, disseminate and publicly make available and/or reproduce the motifs / materials submitted to the Anfachen Award, as well as the right to display the exhibits. Anfachen Award is entitled to transfer these rights to a third
    party. Anfachen Award is entitled for purposes of refinancing the awards to use the transferred rights commercially, e.g. by sale of the motifs as posters, postcard fold-outs (these two forms of use limited to 3 years), and/or in the context of an exhibition catalogue.
  • C) the designer shall indemnify and hold harmless Anfachen Award from all claims made by third parties arising in connection with the transfer of rights or their use that may be made against Anfachen Award, and guarantees that the submitted works (text and image) are free from third party rights.