The Anfachen Award 2017 is given to posters that ignite energy, inspire, stimulate and create a stir — with unquestionable passion in its second year.


The Anfachen Award 2017 wants to interpret, understand, embody and proclaim tolerance in an aesthetically remarkable and widely visible way.
A tolerant person is one who is serene in the face of paradox between social norm and reality. But how do we truly understand this word—what remains hidden behind this curious mixture of tolerance and resistance? Who lives out, needs or really even wants tolerance?


The participants are free to choose any personal, political, aesthetic or formal point of view in their approach to the assigned topic of “Tolerance”. Photographic, paint-based, graphic and typographic works are accepted. Participation is subject to the following conditions:


The best 25 posters will be selected by an international jury and then displayed on billboards in Hamburg. They confront the public on busy streets and highly frequented public places to become the subject of discussion and reflection, encouraging a broad and long-lasting debate on the subject of “Tolerance”.


In January / February 2018, the selected posters will be visible in the Hamburg urban landscape for four weeks, after which they will ‘go on tour’. They will be displayed in other German cities such as Berlin and Frankfurt, and they will make an international impact in countries such as Russia, Turkey and the USA. Accordingly, both a German and an English version must be provided to the extent that language plays a role in the design.


Suze Barrett, Hamburg, Germany
Mieke Gerritzen, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dennis Koot, Den Haag, Netherlands
Prof. Yang Liu, Berlin, Germany
Dr. Reinhold Wittig, Göttingen, Germany


Tom Geismar, New York, USA
Klaus Staeck, Heidelberg, Germany

  • 07.11.2017 Deadline for submissions.
  • 23.11.–04.12.2017 Exhibition of the jury members’ own works under the title “Anfachen II” at the galleries of Frappant e.V., Hamburg.
  • 01.12.2017 The winners will be informed by e-mail of the jury’s selection of the 25 best posters.
  • 04.12.2017 Finissage of the Jury exhibition
  • 09.01.2018 Preview opening / Vernissage of the 25 Winners in Hamburg.
  • 09.01.–28.02.2018 The 25 selected posters of the Anfachen Award 2017 on the topic “Tolerance” will be displayed on the streets on Hamburg and throughout the cooperation partner cities.


Registration is made via a registration form that is available at, which must be completed and then sent to


A maximum of three posters can be submitted (this also applies to school classes that make the appropriate preselection themselves). The posters are to be designed in the format DIN A0 / 841 mm x 1189 mm. They may not contain any reference to the author or owner of the rights in order to avoid any influence upon the jury. The data (TIFF or PDF in CMYK) is to be sent in low resolution by email to If a poster is selected as one of the top 25, the printable data will be requested separately.


The entrant making the submission, hereinafter referred to as the designer, declares with the submission of all materials that s/he/they is/are entitled to dispose of the submitted materials according to the following:

  • A) the designer declares his/her consent to worldwide and perpetual unrestricted publication of the motifs in print and electronic media, as well as the representation herein described in the context of exhibitions in public space as well as in galleries and museums.
  • B) the designer transfers the simple right of use to reproduce, disseminate and publicly make available and/or reproduce the motifs / materials submitted to the Anfachen Award, as well as the right to display the exhibits. Anfachen Award is entitled to transfer these rights to a third
    party. Anfachen Award is entitled for purposes of refinancing the awards to use the transferred rights commercially, e.g. by sale of the motifs as posters, postcard fold-outs (these two forms of use limited to 3 years), and/or in the context of an exhibition catalogue.
  • C) the designer shall indemnify and hold harmless Anfachen Award from all claims made by third parties arising in connection with the transfer of rights or their use that may be made against Anfachen Award, and guarantees that the submitted works (text and image) are free from third party rights.